Service Location and Identification

Why Service location?

If your planning a construction or development project that requires excavation hire, it's vital to identify the exact location of any underground services prior to work commencing. These services can include electricity cables, plumbing, drainage, gas lines, storm water or sewage lines and telecommunications. Detecting, locating and identifying these utilities and services is a key to avoiding any unwanted accidents during the excavation or earthmoving process and will in fact allow your project to proceed smoothly thereafter.

There are thousands of kilometres worth of service cables and pipes networked underground around Hobart and most of the times we're completely unaware of their existence and location. It's simply smart planning to identify them first, before digging down. This along can make the difference between costly delays and your excavation hire project being completed on time. At excavation Hobart, we assume the risks and get the earthworks jobs done for you.

Underground services location and identification for excavation in hobart tasmania

What can happen if your dont identify your services?

All too often we hear stories of a bloke who hired his own mini digger to do some backyard earthworks and without realising ripped right through his own water mains while digging post holes for his new decking and flooded his garden or perhaps the whole street. Let's face it, nobody wants to be that guy. It's pretty common sense to simply do our due diligence before digging down to ensure that no costly and embarrassing mistakes happen to us as we do our excavating.

A professional excavator operator can quickly locate and identify the location of your services and plan the earthworks accordingly to avoid those key areas which pose a hazard. We always locate and identify your services before we proceed to other stages such as a site cut and fill or demolition. This way you can relax without worrying about any comical mishaps in your back yard.

Excavation hobart contractor doing a site audit prior to earthworks

Professional Advice, Second to None..

We're seasoned veterans at all things excavation and earthworks related. Our excavation contractors have decades of earthworks experience and can quickly locate and identify your services and  utilities. This alone can inform your project and save you tonnes of research, time and money.

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