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Breath Taking Landscaping often starts with excavating

We often forget when we see a stunning garden or landscape the work it required to make it, we just see the end result and think its beautiful. Often countless hours, details planning and hard work go into the design and construction phases of a project. It's also the step which sets the correct foundations for all the work that follows, so getting it right is pretty important. Landscaping often involves bulk earthworks in which large amounts of soil needs to be moved or carted away (read about site cleanups here)


Pool landscaping and excavation

If your planning to install a pool or in-ground spa, you'll definitely need some landscaping and bulk earthworks done. Our excavation hire and earthmoving contractors have tonnes of experience in pool and spa excavation and will dig the perfect hole for your project and dispose of all the excess soil and waste. We work together with your pool specialists to determine the exact measurements and excavation specifications for your pool installation. Whether it's small or large excavations around Hobart tas, we've got your covered.

If you're having a pool put in, it's also important to consider the surrounding areas to make sure that a key feature such as the pool is blended into the garden landscape. We can assess the nearby areas and make sure that the excavation for your pool is positioned correctly and other components such as your lawns, paths, fences or patios area taken into consideration. We always look at the bigger picture for pool landscapes and make all the pieces of the puzzle come together for your dream outdoor living space.

Pool and lawn earthworks by excavation hobart in tasmania

We also take care of lawns and levelling

Excavators and diggers are excellent at quickly levelling uneven surfaces in preparation for lawns, paths, driveways, patios, sheds and much more. We will ensure that your area is flattened to perfection so that you have the perfect surface to being the next stage of your project.


The teams at Excavation Hobart are professionals at removing tired old lawns in preparation for the laying of new turf. If required, we can bring in new loam and both supply and lay your new turf right away. Our earthmoving contractors can also share some tips and tricks on how to best manage and maintain your new turf, once its installed.


We can also assist with water management through site levelling and surface design to ensure that your lawn receives optimal water flow and drainage so it doesn't end up like the last one. When all the necessary elements are in place, your excavation hire project will become the luxurious living space you've been dreaming about for years.


Stunning outdoor living spaces don't design themselves..

So if you have a dream and need some advice on how to turn it into reality, we're more than happy to help. We can work closely with your architect, garden or pool specialists to ensure the excavator design you want is exactly what you receive.

We have a large network of industry professionals and contacts we can draw upon to ensure you get the best quality excavation advice and services.

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