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Every now and then building and structures reach the end of their life span and may require demolishing. Eventually the old must make way for the new and such situations may require the use of some heavy duty machinery to get the job done. Excavators are one of the most efficient and cost effective means of bringing down an old structure and removing the debris. At Pro Excavation we specialise in demolition services in Hobart and throughout Southern Tasmania.

Our skilled excavation operators are capable of demolishing existing structures in a controlled and systematic manner, making sure to contain the debris within a small area as well as carting away the rubble and disposing of it for you, leaving you with the clear and blank canvas for your next project.


The Dangers of Demolition Hire.

Any job involving heavy machinery and excavators carries some elements of danger and risk. When performing demolition jobs, those risks are multiplied. Buildings are often under large amounts of stress and the materials involved require smashing, splitting and ripping down from heights. Falling debris such as concrete, timber and iron are all extremely hazardous and requires experience and expertise to achieve in a safe and controlled way.

It's also necessary to have a thorough understanding of the ways in which building are constructed and held together. Otherwise the order in which a building is brought down can be jeopardised and result in unexpected collapses, which represent a severe risk.

It's also important to map out the construction site and know exactly where the properties services are located as well (read more about that here) as the entry, exit points and turning diameters. We perform a detailed planning of each demolition job we perform so there is no unexpected hiccups along the way. Thereby we guarantee that we will complete your demolition work in a time efficient and cost effective manner.

Call The Expert Demolition Contractors In Hobart and Southern Tasmania

When it comes to demolition contractors in Hobart, don't go with an amateur. With something this risky, your best bet is to go with a Pro. Our demolition contractors are qualified and highly experienced in performing all manner of building demolitions and will ensure that your project is carried out in a safe and systematic manner.


So if your in need of demolition services in Hobart or Southern Tasmania, give us a call today for a free consultation and quote. We'll bring that building down and clean up the mess in no time.

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