Construction Site Cut and Fill

Construction work starts with a level foundation..

One of the most common excavation hire jobs is called a construction site cut and fill. A building needs a level foundation for the layers to follow so often we need to do site levelling in order to achieve that. We will perform earthworks to take soil, sand and rocks from one part of the block  (The Cut) and use that material to raise other parts of the yard which may be lacking (The Fill). Most block are sloping top to bottom or side to side, so we will perform a cut and fill to level the angles and prepare it for the construction process.


Cut and fills are a crucial element of many excavator hire jobs, laying the groundwork for the jobs to follow. Construction site levelling is vital to get right in order to avoid erosion and drainage issues which can jeopardise the integrity of foundations or cause a site to become unstable. Or simply to set the right foundations to ensure your excavation project is completed in a systematic and timely manner.

Construction site Cut and fills require a thorough understanding of the work to be undertaken as well as the environment, the materials involved and of course the desired outcome. Our excavator operators will always perform a due diligence, following site plans and exact measurements to ensure that the foundations of your site are exactly what you need for the next stages of the project.


But don't stress.. Quality site works is what we're good at..

Excavation hire and earthmoving contractors take care of construction site levelling, pads for housing and sheds, driveways, carparks, road construction and dams. We can assist with site preparation for concrete and paving projects. Our tipper trucks, bobcats and mini-diggers will remove old concrete, pavers and soil to dispose of it in preparation for the new surfaces. Our earth moving team will work seamlessly alongside the Builders, Concrete and Paving tradies to complete the jobs in the right order and on time to keep your excavation hire project on schedule.

Site works often include excavation hire and earthworks that relate to vegetation control, clearing and management. We always seek to operate in an environmentally responsible way and strictly in accordance with local regulations to ensure your excavation project has a low carbon footprint and stays within your budget.

Our excavation hire and earthmoving contractors also take care of construction site levelling, erosion control, shoring, drainage work, (including storm water drains), waste removal, trenching, preparation for landscaping, playgrounds and pathways, boring, footings, tank holes, bulk earth moving.. Pretty much anything you can think of involving trucks, diggers and excavation hire.

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