Bobcat Hire Hobart

Why Hire a Bobcat Skid Steer?

Bobcats are a household name and for good reason, while they come in many shapes and sizes, the Skid Steer is the one everyone things about when they hear the word bobcat. The Skid Steer bobcat is one of the most widely used and appreciated excavation machines on the market today. They are a compact digger that packs a punch and their utility is renowned throughout the excavation and earthmoving industry.

Bobcat are excellent for limited access excavation or in busy construction sites because of their manoeuvrability, small turning circle and ability to work at various heights and depths. Their front loaded bucket is the most common attachment for digging and loading, however they are also able to be fitted with a variety of other attachments such as auger, backhoe or pallet forks to perform a range of other jobs.


Jobs That Require Bobcat Hire

Since Bobcat Skid Steers are a versatile piece of excavation machinery, their uses are widespread throughout the construction, farming and industrial industries. Any job that involves the digging and removal of soils, sands, rocks or rubbish can easily be accomplished with Bobcat hire. They are excellent for levelling and landscaping (read more about that here) and can literally move tonnes of earth every hour. They can be used for trench digging, driveway construction or a good old backyard blitz. Just make sure there is clear access for the bobcat to enter, turn and exit the area in need of work.


Bobcat Hire Hobart

At Pro Excavation Hobart, we offer Bobcat hire throughout Southern Tasmania. We'll send one of our licensed excavation operators along with a truck and bobcat to do the digging for you. If your unsure of exactly what you need or the steps involved in your project simply give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss the option of hiring a bobcat in Hobart.

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