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We're proud to be one of Hobart's most reliable and professional excavation earthmoving contractors. Whether your searching for excavation hire and earthworks services to complete your dream home or civil engineering equipment to get the job done, Pro Excavation Hobart has got you covered.


Our teams of highly accredited and experienced operators will deliver premium quality excavation services, on time and for the right price. We believe that customer service, reliability and reputation are the foundation of any project and we have all the excavation hire and earthworks resources to deliver exactly what you need.


Our excavation earthmoving contractors are a team of seasoned veterans with decades of experience under their belts. They take care of all manner of projects from business servicing to backyard rennos. They travel across the state for excavation hire projects and always maintain the high levels of service and safety, which has allowed us to emerge as the premier excavation service throughout Hobart and Southern Tasmania.

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Tasmanian Earthmoving Services


The Pro Excavation Hobart team has an established network of contacts throughout the building industry. Our experienced operators work alongside tradies and builders for on site excavations and footings and building foundations. Our team can follow site regulations, read site plans and follow specific directions to ensure all work is completed in a safe and appropriate manner. We are experienced with site excavation for footings, cuttings and pads and always leave our sites clean. We can also take care of levelling surfaces for lawns, gardens, sheds, decking, paving and concreting and will make sure you have the perfect flat surface to give your project the perfect foundation.

Our excavation earthmoving contractors have tonnes of landscaping experience and will save you time and money by giving you great advice and making sure the job is done right the first time. They can save you the hassle of taking on the often complicated and even dangerous tasks associated with excavation hire. Many people make the mistake of hiring their own earthworks equipment and trying to save money by doing it themselves.. But it's far safer and faster to go with seasoned veterans like us, who complete the job in a fraction of the time, with no risk and no mess. Give our team a buzz before you go for the DIY option and we'll be happy to have a chat about the options.

Pretty much any job involving site excavation and digger hire is going to create some waste that has to be removed. It could be soil, concrete, plants or rubbish of any kind that needs to be cleaned up and transported. At excavations Hobart, we will save you tonnes of time by quickly filling our truck or skips to remove the waste and find the cheapest place to dispose of the debris. Our earth moving excavation hire operators will transform your site in a matter of hours and set the stage for the jobs to come, we can take on both domestic and commercial excavation hire jobs and as we like to say at Pro Excavation Hobart.. No job too big, or too small. So call us today!

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Why Choose Us?

We do..

  • Site prep

  • Site works

  • Site clear and clean

  • Site cuts and fill

  • Construction site Levelling

  • Concrete excavation and removal

  • Pavers excavation and removal

  • Rock excavation and removal

  • Rubbish removal

  • Waste removal

  • Tree stump removal

  • Vegetation removal

  • Drainage services

  • Storm water drain excavation

  • Service trench excavation

  • mini digger services

  • Soil removal and levelling 

  • Service locating and

  • identification

  • Lawn levelling and preparation

  • House and shed pads

  • Block clearing

  • Limited access excavation

  • Civil excavation services 

  • Pool excavation

  • Spa excavation

  • Pond excavation

  • Bulk excavations

  • Bulk earthworks 

  • Landscaping earthmoving

  • Auger/post holes drilling

  • Jackhammering

  • Demolition services

  • Driveway earthworks

  • Carport excavation

  • Roadwork services

  • Dam building excavation

  • Material supply, removal and disposal

  • Bobcat, backhoe, tipper trucks and digger hire

Why excation Hobart are the leading earthwork contractors in Tasmania

Our wealth of industry experience has taught us that we're capable of pulling off almost any job. Over the years we built ourselves into a 'one stop shop' that integrates multiple trades so we can cover all the excavation services you might need. By working in this way, we can save you time and money by not having to work with multiple companies and contractors.

When embarking on a construction project or major renovations, excavator hire and earthmoving contractors are often needed. Sometimes there is a stubborn old concrete slab or footings in the way, other times boulders or bedrock. Our teams of seasoned diggers in Hobart can bring the right tools to get the hard jobs done. We can supply concrete and rock breaker attachments for our excavators, mini diggers and bob cats to smash those hard surfaces into smaller pieces, making them much easier to be removed. Our teams at excavation Hobart will lift up, relocate and shift away all the material you need to advance to the next stages of your project. Going through us for excavation hire jobs, will save you tonnes of time and hard work..

We're pros in construction site clearing and levelling. Our experienced earthmoving and excavation operators will bring the right tools for the job. We can create that perfect surface your looking for, whether it’s a flat yard for the grass lawns or pattio, raised beds for a garden or veggie patch, a flat pad for a shed or deck, or a nice smooth run for the new driveway.. We've got you covered! We can load and remove all the earthworks waste in our own truck, or simply fill any size skip bin already provided by you or the builder.


Pro Excavation Hobart offers a full range of premium earthmoving services and equipment including Mini Diggers and loaders, medium and large Bobcat Loaders and a full range of Earth movers and Excavators. All with a range of attachments from augers (post hole borers) chain digger trenchers, concrete and rock breakers, rotary hoe attachments and rippers as well as the tipper truck hire to dispose of all the excavation job waste.

At pro excavation Hobart, we can take on any job ranging from business servicing and construction projects down to home renovations. Our earthwork contractors in Hobart deliver a premium level service, on time, every time. So don't break your back! Just call us today to discuss your next excavation project and we'll be happy to offer you a no obligation free quote.

Competitive Rates


Hobart has seen strong growth in housing development and construction in recent years. This has resulted in the emergence of numerous earthmoving and excavation companies. We get a buzz out of seeing the excavation industry flourish, but we also keep a close eye on the competition to ensure we remain affordable and fit within your budget. Our customers satisfaction is our number one priority and we always aim to exceed expectations and deliver the highest possible level of excavation hire and earthmoving services. This has allowed us to continue growing as a premium excavator hire business, year after year. We seek to build trust with our clients and foster long term relationships. We continually prove to our customers that when it comes to affordability and quality in earthmoving Hobart, we're unmatched. 

Before starting any excavation hire or earthworks job whether it's commercial or residential, we always perform a full inspection of the property, both above and below the surface. Locating and identifying any underground services such as plumbing or telecommunication lines is vital to avoid any mishaps down the line (read more about that here). Earth types around Tasmania range from soft sands, to firm clays and rock types ranging from sedimentary sandstones to igneous dolerite, depending on the topography. What ever the material, we have the heavy duty excavation and earthmoving equipment required to get the job done.


Qualified Earthmoving Contractors 

Laying the right foundations is often the first step in many excavation hire jobs. There is often much more too it than you first think. It's vital to know the materials and earthmoving equipment your working with and how to do things safe but also with eyes on the clock. Time is money in the construction game and experienced earthworks operator with the right excavation equipment can save you tonnes of both. Our crews have a wealth of excavation experience and earthmoving knowledge than can often inform the following stages of your project. We're more than happy to offer our earthworks wisdom to ensure that your vision turns into the ideal reality as soon as possible.


We've been in the game long enough to know all the risks associated with excavation hire, earthmoving, landscaping and construction. This is why all our operators are fully backed by comprehensive insurance and have all the necessary certifications and training. We respect your property as if it was our own and always seek to leave our jobs cleaner than when we arrived. We look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss your next excavation project. Feel free to use our contact form to receive a Free Quote from Us, or if you want to move fast, simply pick up the phone and give us a call. Remember..


'We Lift it and Shift it, So you don’t have to'.

The Pro Excavation Hobart Team.

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We do earthworks and hire our excavators throughout Hobart and Southern Tasmania

  • City of Hobart: Tas 7000.

  • Battery Point

  • Dynnyrne

  • Fern Tree

  • Glebe

  • Hobart

  • Lenah Valley

  • Mount Nelson

  • Mount Stuart

  • New Town

  • Cornelian Bay

  • North Hobart

  • Ridgeway

  • Sandy Bay

  • includes Lower

  • Sandy Bay

  • South Hobart

  • Cascades

  • Tolmans Hill

  • West Hobart

  • Municipality of Kingborough: Hobart, tas.

  • Blackmans Bay

  • Bonnet Hill

  • Howden

  • Huntingfield

  • Kingston

  • Firthside

  • Maranoa

  • Heights

  • Kingston Beach

  • Taroona

  • City of Glenorchy: Hobart, Tas

  • Austins Ferry

  • Berriedale

  • Chigwell

  • Claremont

  • Abbotsfield

  • Collinsvale

  • Derwent Park

  • Dowsing Point

  • Glenlusk

  • Glenorchy

  • includes Elwick

  • Merton

  • Goodwood

  • Granton

  • Lutana

  • Montrose

  • Moonah

  • Rosetta

  • West Moonah

  • Municipality of Brighton: Hobart

  • Bridgewater

  • Green Point

  • Gagebrook

  • Old Beach

  • Brighton

  • Municipality of Sorell: Hobart

  • Midway Point

  • Sorell

  • Dodges Ferry

  • City of Clarence: Hobart, Tas 7000

  • Acton Park

  • Bellerive

  • Cambridge

  • Clarendon Vale

  • Geilston Bay

  • Howrah

  • Lauderdale

  • includes Seven

  • Mile Beach

  • Lindisfarne

  • Flagstaff

  • Gully

  • Montagu Bay

  • Mornington

  • Mount Rumney

  • Oakdowns

  • Otago

  • Risdon

  • Risdon Vale

  • Roches Beach

  • Rokeby

  • Rose Bay

  • Rosny

  • Rosny Park

  • Tranmere

  • Warrane

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